At CDL Laboratories, we accept specimens, perform tests and report results.

Specimen Identification

All specimens sent to the laboratory must be properly identified with the patient’s first and last name, date of birth or medicare number, and accompanied by a fully completed and signed test requisition, including the date and time of specimen collection.

Requisition forms

All tests requested by a licensed physician require a fully completed, signed requisition.

CDL’s standard as well as personalized bilingual requisitions are available to all physicians throughout the Province of Quebec.

CDL will not perform laboratory testing without a requisition.

No appointment is needed for the majority of testing performed at CDL Laboratories, except for Ultrasounds and Hydrogen Breath Tests.

Mandatory requirements

It is mandatory for the following information to appear on the requisition:

  • Patient’s first and last name (maiden name for female patients)
  • Date of birth
  • Gender
  • Date and Time of specimen collection (Provincial requirement)
  • Patient’s telephone number – in case of an emergency
  • Requested Tests – The corresponding test(s) must be clearly indicated. Unclear orders may result in testing delays.
  • Requesting Physician’s first, last name and signature.
  • Requisitions should be verified at the clinic / doctor’s office to ensure no information is missing.
  • When a copy of the test results needs to be transmitted to a second physician, it must indicate this on the requisition. CDL Laboratories requires the first and last name of thr second physician and the fax number or email address, in order to forward the results.

Default Birthdate

If a patient’s birth date is not indicated on the requisition, it will automatically be set as the system’s default date of birth (1950/01/01). This date will appear on the patient report with the following comment: "Default birthdate entered". In order to avoid any inconvenience or problems locating patient files, it is important that the patient’s date of birth appears on the requisition.

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