I would like to start using CDL's services, what is the procedure and who do I speak to?

CDL would be delighted to offer potential clients a personalized visit and tour of our facilities, to explain the services offered at our laboratory. Please communicate directly with one of our sales representatives at (514) 344-8022 Ext. 255 or 270.

When will my patient results be available?

The majority of routine tests are analyzed and performed within 24 hours. CDL clients may consult our directory of services catalogue or they may contact the laboratory for test delays.

Can I have access to view patient results online?

Yes, CDL offers confidential and safe electronic transfer of patient results. Reports are easily viewable in real-time and printable from our exclusive CDL Linx™ system.

Can I make certain modifications to my requisitions?

Yes, CDL Laboratories customizes requisitions according to the needs of the physician or medical clinic. If you require a modification (e.g. add or remove tests), please contact our Client Services department at (514) 344-8022 Ext. 268.

Can I add a test a patient sample that was sent to CDL yesterday?

Most specimens are kept refrigerated at CDL for a period of one week in order to facilitate the process of adding tests, without further blood drawing. All test “add-ons” must be faxed to the Client Services department at (514) 344-8024.

I'd like to place an order for medical supplies; how do I go about doing this?

For a rapid and efficient delivery of this service, our clients can place their orders a minimum of 24 hours in advance by fax at (514) 344-8024.

I have samples to be picked up and the CDL courier already passed by; can they come again?

Our flexible courier schedule allows for additional specimen collection, according to the needs of our clients. Clients located off the island of Montreal are required to give more notice for specimen pick-ups.

How many tubes should I draw if the patient has many tests to do?

Our laboratory instrumentation requires only one serum tube for a variety of tests in Endocrinology, Serology and Biochemistry. You may call the laboratory or consult our directory of services catalogue for more information regarding the required specimen types.

What is the collection procedure for a specific test?

CDL has a variety of detailed collection procedures available. You may also consult our directory of services catalogue or call the laboratory for more information.

I have an external requisition with many tests checked off; can you help me figure out a profile that will include all of these tests?

CDL’s Client Services department would be glad to assist you with this request. You may simply fax the requisition, including the “add-on test” to (514) 344-8024 and we will contact you with this information.

My patient lives close to CDL's head office (or acquisition center); can they do their blood tests there?

Yes, CDL Laboratories offers a phlebotomy service at our head office and at several blood drawing centers. Please refer to our list of locations.

There are new doctors working at our clinic; can you add them on our requisition?

Yes, if you need to add or remove doctors from your requisition, please contact our Client Services department at (514) 344-8022 ext. 268.

I would like get a verbal result; who do I need to speak to?

Verbal results can be given to physicians by telephone; however our technologists do not provide result interpretations. When calling the laboratory for a result, please have the patient information handy (e.g. maiden name, date of birth, etc.). The laboratory number is (514) 344-8022 ext. 223.

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