CDL Laboratories was launched in 1993 with a vision to be a leader in the private laboratory industry in Quebec by offering the highest quality and cost-effective medical laboratory testing and service excellence.

Throughout the years we have remained dedicated to our mission, which is to implement and promote an organization relentlessly focused on quality, client satisfaction, service excellence, technology and innovation. As a result, we have been able to clearly distinguish ourselves by providing our clients with accurate results in the shortest turn-around–time. With over 100 dedicated and skilled employees and its highly qualified medical team, CDL Laboratories keeps strengthening its position by using the most recent and advanced technology, by providing innovative services, by offering more tests as well as robust collection and transportation of specimens and by obtaining more accreditations. Our privileged partnership with multinational Roche Diagnostics (Hoffman- La Roche Division) allows us to benefit from state of the art instrumentation.

1993 With just 8 employees, CDL Laboratories becomes Quebec’s first computerized lab, developing its own LIMS (laboratory information management system).
1997 CDL becomes the first lab in Quebec to possess four separate medical laboratory permits (micro, bio, hemato, patho), enabling to perform over 95% of its tests in-house, hence ensuring the fastest turn-around.
2001 CDL inaugurates its clinical research department and obtains CAP, NY State, GLP and CLIA accreditations.

CDL operates 24h per day; the first of its kind in Quebec.

2004 CDL obtains NY State Dept. of Health License and CLIA accreditations.
2015 CDL becomes the first lab in North America to acquire the most advanced robotic technology from world leader Roche Diagnostics.
2016 Creation of ELNA Medical Network. CDL services centres are embedded within ELNA clinics.
2017 CDL becomes the only lab in Canada to hold both CAP and ISO 15189 accreditation.
2020 CDL is the first lab in Canada to deploy COVID-19 screening centres.
2021 CDL becomes the first lab in Quebec to offer in-house pathology results within 48-72 hours.

CDL has grown to a 125-employees lab diagnostics leader in Quebec.

2022 Establishment of ELNA Medical Group, comprising ELNA Medical and CDL Laboratories.

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